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Sunday, 17 February 2019
Confidentiality and Use of Information

Any person given access to your records will be subject to a duty of confidentiality.  You have the right to object to disclosure.


When referring you to other healthcare workers the doctor will make available to them details of your medical history.  The doctor will respect the wishes of any patients who object to particular information being shared with others providing care, except where this would put others at the risk of serious harm.


Information about patients is requested for a wide variety of purposes including education, research, monitoring, epidemiology, public health surveillance and clinical audit and planning.

The practice will anonymise data where possible.  Only where it is essential for the purpose will identifiable records be disclosed.  Such disclosures will be kept to the minimum necessary for the purpose.

You have the right to object to any such disclosure and your objection will be respected.


The Local Health Board has a duty to occasionally check on claims made by practices for payments.  The person carrying out the check will have been properly trained and authorised by the Local Health Board and will be subject to a duty of confidentiality in their employment contract or because of their registration with a statutory regulatory body.  Only that small part of the record relating to the claim will be made available to the person carrying out the check.


If you have any objections to the disclosure of information for any of these purposes please tell your doctor.

Chaperone Policy
The Practice is committed to providing a safe, comfortable environment where patients and staff can be confident that best practice is being followed at all times and the safety of everyone is of paramount importance.

All patients are entitled to have a chaperone present for any consultation, examination or procedure where they feel one is required. This chaperone may be a family member or friend. On occasions you may prefer a formal chaperone to be present, i.e. a trained member of staff.

Wherever possible we would ask you to make this request at the time of booking an appointment so that arrangements can be made and your appointment is not delayed in anyway. Where this is not possible we will endeavour to provide a formal chaperone at the time of request. However occasionally it may be necessary to reschedule your appointment.

Your healthcare professional may also require a chaperone to be present for certain consultations in accordance with our chaperone policy.

If you would like to see a copy of our Chaperone Policy or have any questions or comments regarding this please contact the Manager.

We always try to provide the best services possible, but there may be times when you feel this has not happened.  The following information explains our in-house complaints procedure, drawn up to respond to patient grievances.  Our practice procedure is not able to deal with questions of legal liability or compensation.  We hope you will use it to allow us to look into and, if necessary, correct any problems that you have identified, or mistakes that have been made.  If you use this procedure it will not affect your right to complain to the health authority.  Please note that we have to respect our duty of confidentiality to patients and a patient’s consent will be necessary if a complaint is not made by the patient in person.  If you wish to make a complaint, please write to our practice manager.  Full details will be taken and a decision made on how best to undertake the investigation.

We believe it is important to deal with complaints swiftly.  We will try to address your concerns, provide you with an explanation and discuss any action that may be needed.

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We cannot accept any responsibility for patients who are not registered with us. We work hard to maintain this website but cannot guarantee that it is free of errors. This is particularly important to remember when looking at links to other web pages, which may contain information that we cannot verify.

Most importantly, none of the information provided is intended to replace advice given by a doctor to a patient about their healthcare. If any advice on this service conflicts with advice personally given by your doctor we ask you to contact your doctor before making any changes.

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